Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Bey MGA?

  • Bey MGA is a new company offering a unique opportunity that no other insurance company offers, affordable insurance coverage that protects our customers from unexpected and potentially catastrophic expenses that can result from an unexpected sewer line failure.
  • Bey MGA policies are written by an "A" rated insurance carrier.

Q: Why do I need Bey MGA?

  • Regular homeowner's insurance may not cover the exterior sewer line (the section of pipe that runs between the exterior of your home's foundation and your property line). If your pipe does break, you will be responsible for the out-of-pocket expenses!
  • Bey MGA takes away that horrific feeling of paying an absurd price for something that you thought your homeowner's insurance covered. Here at Bey MGA, we strive to provide great hassle-free service and protection from the potentially huge expenses that a pipeline breakage can cost.

Q: Who else offers coverage of sewer lines?

  • Some insurance companies offer sewer line coverage as endorsements to homeowner's policies, but the major insurance companies (such as State Farm, Allstate, Liberty, etc...) currently may not offer coverage.

Q: What are the advantages to having a policy with Bey MGA over coverage under homeowner’s policies?

  • Claims made under an endorsement to a homeowner's policy will affect the policy. Homeowners risk increased rates or cancellation of their homeowners’ policies for claims made for sewer line damage.
  • Bey MGA's coverage is an enhancement and a standalone policy to the homeowner's policy. This means it is not part of your homeowner’s policy but is a separate policy. Claims made against it will not affect your homeowner's policy.

For a key summary of Bey MGA Sewer Line Insurance Coverage details, click here: Bey MGA Owned Sewer Line Insurance Coverage Sheet.pdf.

Q: Who can I contact for questions or concerns about my policy or to file a claim?

  • For all questions or concerns that are not related to a claim, please call
    (844) BEY-9646
  • To file a claim contact:
    Peninsula Insurance Bureau
    60665 NW 167th St suite B1
    Hialeah, FL 33015
    (305) 824-0111

Q: What is the cost for a policy with Bey MGA?

  • Policies with Bey MGA cost:
    • $189 per year for $8,000 coverage*
    • $229 per year for $12,000 coverage*
*An $11 policy fee applies to all policies.